Random Password Generator

This tool can generate safe and strong random passwords.
To ensure security, all passwords are generated on the website without being sent over the internet.

Password Generator

Password Generator

Generation based on character set

This password generation method is the recommended method for generating random passwords.
Other methods (such as pattern-based generation) should only be used if the password follows special rules or must meet certain conditions. It's very easy to generate based on a character set. Just tell KeePass which characters are allowed (uppercase letters, numbers, etc.) and KeePass will randomly select a character from that set.

Defining character sets:

Character sets can be defined directly in the password generation window.
For convenience, KeePass provides the ability to add frequently used character ranges to sets.
To do this, select the appropriate checkbox.
In addition to these predefined character ranges, you can specify characters manually.
The characters you type in the Contains text box are added directly to the character set.
The characters you type in the Contains text box are included in the set of characters from which the password generator randomly selects characters.
This means that generated passwords are allowed to include these additional characters, but are not required.
If you want to force generated passwords to contain specific characters, you should use pattern-based generation.

A character set is a set:

Mathematically speaking, a character set is a set, not a vector.
This means that the character cannot be added to the set twice.
Either the characters are present in the sentence or they are not.
For example, entering "AAAAB" in the additional characters field is the exact same sentence as "AB".
"A" cannot be four times as large as "B".
If you need to follow a rule such as "Character A is more likely than B," you should use pattern-based generation and reordering of password characters.
KeePass "optimizes" the character set by removing all duplicate characters.
If you enter the character set "AAAAB" in the Additional Characters field, close and reopen the password generator, you will see the short character set "AB".
If you select the "Number" checkbox and enter "3" in the additional field, "3" is also ignored because it is already in the number canvas.

Supported characters:

{ range [U+0001, U+D7FF] and [U+E000, U+FFFF], excluding U+0009 / '\t', U+000A / '\ n All Unicode characters within ', U+000D / '\r' } are supported.
Characters in the range [U+010000, U+10FFFF] (which must be encoded in UTF-16 using the surrogate pair [0xD800, 0xDFFF]) are not supported.
Subsequent processing of passwords may be subject to further restrictions (for example, U+FFFF characters are prohibited in XML/KDBX files and will be replaced or removed).

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